Fall Poetry Bonfire

Fall Poetry Bonfire

This is our first year homeschooling a third grader and a pre-k/kindergartener. Today was our first try at Poetry Teatime, and I wanted to share our experience!

This being our first year (started one week ago today), it has been a rough start of adjusting both to "summer's-over-time-to-work" and also adjusting to a new lifestyle. There has been lots of whining, stalling, stomping of feet and crossing of arms across the chest. Needless to say, the digging in of heels today left us not ready for Teatime until it was time for Mommy to start cooking dinner.

So, instead of scrapping teatime, which I had so diligently prepared for, we decided to have a Fall Poetry Bonfire after dinner! While the kids got their PJs on, my husband lit a fire in the firepit and I gathered all the poems and the snacks, and we went outside and sat by the firepit with our poems and flashlights. Even my 4 year old, who is only just learning to read basic words, recited two poems as I whispered the words in her ear. 

It was divine! My 8 year old daughter absolutely loved it, and even my husband read two poems off of his smartphone that he found on the Internet! We heard Roald Dahl (of course, since it was his birthday that day!), Dylan Thomas, e.e. cummings, Joyce Kilmer, and even Shakespeare! I think we might do Poetry Bonfires for all of September!!

I've attached a few pictures of our evening. Thanks again! So far, I really love Brave Writer, and my daughter told me that writing is her favorite subject now, even though it was her least favorite in school!



Fall Poetry Bonfire - Poetry Teatime

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