Dr. Seuss Teatime Story - Poetry Teatime
Dr. Seuss Teatime Story

Dr. Seuss Teatime Story

Today's featured teatime is a brilliant Dr. Seuss-themed celebration. Read on to discover some zany treats and teatime ideas worthy of Dr. Seuss himself!

Brave Writer mom Angela writes:

Due to the hurricane-force winds in our area today, we chose to stay home which meant we missed our library's Read Across America/Dr. Seuss' birthday celebration. My youngest suggested that we make our home day special with a Poetry Teatime.  

So, we baked a treat together before lunch so it had time to cool. After lunch, the girls set up our Seussical Poetry Teatime. It was my oldest child's idea to make chocolate milk for our tea pot. We toasted our tea cups and the fun started!  

 We snacked on Barbaloot Snacks (teddy grahams and marshmallows) and a piece of freshly-baked brownie cookie to celebrate this special day. We even lit a candle and sang happy birthday to Dr. Seuss. I lost track of how many Seuss books we read! We also read some poetry.  

I love how Poetry Teatime can be enjoyed without a ton of preparation ahead of time. I also love how my girls get excited to set up for our special time.

Thank you for introducing the idea of Poetry Teatime to my family!

~ Angela

What a great way to make the best of some hurricane-force winds! Thanks for sharing your Dr. Seuss teatime fun!

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