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Easy Teatime Sandwiches

Easy Teatime Sandwiches

One of the most classic, easiest, and tastiest teatime treats is the traditional tea sandwich. A British high tea always includes scones, cakes, and, of course, a variety bite-sized sandwiches. Read on for some simple ways to bring this treat into your next teatime!

First, before we get started, what is a tea sandwich? Also called a “finger sandwich,” a tea sandwich is small enough to eat in a couple of bites. It’s crustless and includes a couple of fillings that fill it with flavor and a spread to keep it from getting soggy.

You can make tea sandwiches with whatever fillings your family likes. Cutting the sandwiches into tiny pieces makes it feel more special and gives it that “teatime” feeling.

Here are a few of our favorite teatime sandwiches.

  • Cucumber sandwich: This is a classic teatime staple. All you’ll need are slices of bread, a cucumber, and some cream cheese. You can also add dill, chives, or some ranch dressing to give the sandwich a special twist. Find a recipe here on Suitable for Consumption.
  • Strawberry sandwich: Although many tea sandwiches are savory, they don’t have to be! If your kids have a sweet tooth, serve up this combination of strawberries and cream cheese drizzled with honey for a real treat. Find directions here on Real Simple.
  • Peanut butter & jelly wheels: These may not be the most traditional of sandwiches, but they’re yummy and fun to look at! They also require the fewest ingredients and the least time to prep of this whole list. Check out the steps here on Allrecipes.
  • Mini grilled cheese bites: If you’ve got picky eaters, why not tempt them with a familiar comfort food in a different shape? Make a normal grilled cheese and slice it into tea sandwich size, or use cookie cutters for some bite sized fun. Get more ideas here at Inspired by Charm.
  • Tetris sandwiches: Ever wanted to fit your sandwich pieces together like a puzzle? With these simple steps from Incrustables, you’ll be cutting and combining tiny sandwiches pieces like a pro! Use any filling you like, but the recipe recommends a nice and simple ham and cheese.
  • Other great sandwiches: If you’re looking for the perfect salmon and cream cheese sandwich or a classic egg salad tea sandwich, check out this list of traditional English tea sandwiches from the Spruce Eats.

Before we go, though, what are you going to do with all the leftover crusts from all those tea sandwiches? That’s where our final recipe comes in handy.

  • Bread pudding: Take all those leftover pieces of crust and throw them into a delicious bread pudding. Find the easy-to-follow recipe here on A Mother Far From Home.

Are you hungry yet? Go ahead and make your favorite sandwiches for your next teatime, and be sure to share the final result with us here!

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