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Full of Laughter, Stories, and Love

Full of Laughter, Stories, and Love

I use to be the only one in my house who drank tea. Then my daughter was born and when she was two she started trying to grab my cup of tea. Actually, it was a coffee mug of tea. All I had was a tea kettle and a coffee mug. Soon she was asking for tea parties. We decorated a little play set and had such fun, but it wasn't the same as a real set with real tea. So I took her to tea rooms and restaurants for special teas. 

Then last year, for Valentine's Day, the flowers my husband bought came in a box. It was a tea set. I set the table and asked everyone to join us. Now, with sugar and cream on the table my 12 year old son, the boy that refused to ever try that icky stuff, has become adventurous. He has found many teas that he likes and my husband has found a few also.

My daughter races to set the table for every tea. She is always so excited that she can't stop grinning and bouncing around when I announce it is tea time. She is seven now and the table is always changing but always beautiful. The guys are never allowed to see it until she is done. Of course, I get to carry the stuff to the table for her.

Everyone looks forward to tea now. They marvel over the table as my daughter beams with pride. It is a time full of laughter, stories, and love. It is a time full of memories that will last forever. A special time that can be resurrected with the sound of a kettle or a warm cup lovingly cradled. Forever.


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