Participating in the Preparation - Poetry Teatime
Participating in the Preparation

Participating in the Preparation

When we started Poetry Teatime my goal was to give my children enough to do (making their drinks and eating/drinking) so that we could read 2 poems. Each week they got more and more into it and sometimes will sit for 30-45 minutes just listening. There are some books they ask for repeatedly (with favorite poems) or I just pick a book that seems timely (like "summer" etc.).

The boys carried everything out from the kitchen and set the table, we chose red, white and blue since we're on an American Revolution kick.

We read from The Magic Circle: Stories and People in Poetry. For better or worse, my poetry reading style is greatly influenced by Anne's in the Anne of Green Gables movie from 1985.

These guys would have poetry teatime every day if it were an option. They love participating in the preparation and of course, the sugar :)

Poetry Teatime is a genius way to get them interested in and memorizing poetry.


P.S. Our kids are 5, 3 and 1 and we are just at the beginning of our homeschool journey. We currently use Brave Writer tools such as poetry teatime and Jot it Down to establish rhythms in our household that we can build on as the kids grow.

Poetry Teatime

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