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Poetry Collections for the Four Seasons

Poetry Collections for the Four Seasons

Winter is the perfect season to curl up beside the fireplace with a mug of cocoa or hot apple cider and read some poetry. But unless you love the constant chill drafts under the doorway and the icy frost on the windows of your car, you might be longing for a different season! That’s why we’d like to introduce some of our favorite collections of poetry about all four seasons for your enjoyment today. Bundle up and read on!

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Poetry for Young People: The Seasons, edited by John N. Serio

We love the series Poetry for Young People, which highlights the best work of famous poets from Emily Dickinson to Maya Angelou. In this beautifully illustrated collection, you’ll find classic poems about each season by poets ranging from Shakespeare to Nikki Giovanni. It’s slim enough to be approachable for the whole family, and beautiful enough to make you keep looking and reading again and again!

A Child’s Calendar, by John Updike

In this collection, you’ll find poems not about each season but about each month. The book follows the story of one family in Vermont, giving you a glimpse into this family’s year. Need a poem for January or something to read in July? This is the book for you!

Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors, by Joyce Sidman

We love Joyce Sidman’s poetry, and we’ve even interviewed her on the Poetry Teatime blog! In this beautiful collection of poems, Sidman describes each season according to the colors it evokes. You’ll be swept along a wonderful and colorful journey in this book!

Our Seasons, by Grace Lin and Ranida McKneally

This collection is a little different than the others on the list. It pairs haikus with scientific questions and answers about why the seasons change and common questions kids have about each season. If you (or your kids) have ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall and wanted an answer in both poetry and prose, this is the collection you’re looking for!

Firefly July: A Year of Very Short Poems, edited by Paul B. Janeczko

The strongest parts of this collection are the vivid images conjured up in a few short words in each poem. Whether the poems are by classic poets such as William Carlos Williams or contemporaries like J. Patrick Lewis, you’ll be busy imagining each small poem as you read!

Once Around the Sun, by Bobbi Katz

Bobbi Katz’s book is organized with one poem for each month of the year. With multicolored illustrations, the pages pop with excitement and color. Katz mixes forms and styles so that each month has a completely different look, sound, and rhythm of poetry.

Sharing the Seasons: A Book of Poems, edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins

This is a lovely book of with beautiful illustrations and twelve poems for each season, mixed in with a few quotations here and there. Hopkins has selected the poems from a wide range of contemporary poets, including Marilyn Singer, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, and Amy Ludwig VanDerwater. We love how sensory this collection is, so go explore some seasonal poetry!

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