Poetry Egg Hunt - Poetry Teatime
Poetry Egg Hunt

Poetry Egg Hunt

In the spirit of National Poetry Month, enjoy a fun spring-themed poetry activity! Today’s game is perfect if you’d like to switch up the way you interact with poetry and language. Grab your art supplies and a basket of eggs, because it’s time for a poetry egg hunt!

Whether or not your family celebrates Easter, you can enjoy this poetry egg hunt that will stretch your creative and physical muscles!

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Plastic or hard-boiled eggs
  • Sharpies, crayons, watercolor, dye, other art supplies
  • Your favorite poetry books and poems

All you need to do is decorate, add poetry, and hunt!

First, decorate the egg. You can use traditional decorating methods or try one of these cool methods below.

Once your eggs are gloriously decorated and all dried/rinsed off, it’s time to add the poetry! You can…

  • Use a permanent marker to write a poem on the eggshell
  • Glue or collage pieces of poetry onto the outside of a real or plastic egg
  • Write out a poem and roll it up inside of a plastic egg

Don’t forget the best part! It's time to hide the eggs! You can assign one person to do all of the hiding, or have each person hide their own poetry eggs.

Then, the hunt is on! See who can collect the most eggs, and once the eggs are gathered, see if you can read and recognize all of the poetry!

So get creative, get moving, and re-imagine what poetry looks (and tastes) like! Go hunt some eggs!

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