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Poetry Gifts

Poetry Gifts

It's the holiday season! Whether you've received lots of poetry-related gifts this year or not, now is the perfect time to think about bringing more poetry into your home and the homes of people you love. We’ve got lots of ideas for poetry-related gifts that you can make, buy, sample, and read in the new year.

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Whether as a holiday gift, a thank-you, or a special treat, why not add a touch of poetic flair to your gift-giving in the new year? Even if you’ve already got the presents sorted out, consider leaving a poem as a stocking-stuffer, a thank-you note, or encouraging your kids to write poems and give them as gifts!

So let’s get started!

Gifts You Can Make

  • Give your poetry: We all love receiving special handmade gifts, and what is more special than a handwritten poem? You can give someone a copy of your poetry by creating a special poetry scroll, writing it in a book, or drawing illustrations alongside it. Find more ideas here on Poetry Teatime.
  • Make your own quill pen: What's more writerly than a quill pen? While you can buy your own from Amazon or other specialty stores, you can also make a paper version of a quill pen using a straw that's just as festive! Follow the real feather directions here from Education.com and the paper directions here from Storm the Castle.
  • Create a writing prompt jar: Although we have a lot of poetry prompts here at Poetry Teatime, it can also be fantastic to make your own poetry prompts! All you'll need are lots of pieces of paper, a pen or pencil, and a glass jar for storage. Come up with lots of poetry or writing prompts, fold them up and put them into the jar, and then pull them out throughout the year for inspiration!
  • Make a bookmark: One of the best writing-themed gifts is a handmade bookmark. There are lots of excellent bookmark tutorials online, and DIYs.com has collected 25 of the best ones in this list!

Poetry-Related Gifts

  • Magnetic poetry set: It's so much fun to create poetry, especially when it's right on your fridge! For some poetic fun for the whole family, check out this magnetic poetry set here from Amazon.
  • Journal/notebook: You can't go wrong with a journal for any poetry lover. Amazon has a wide range of journals, including this one and this Emily Dickinson-themed notebook. Also be sure to check out local stores after the holiday season for discounts!
  • Famous poets mugs: There's nothing quite like celebrating your favorite poets with some well-crafted merchandise! You can get some poetic mugs here on Etsy or learn to create your own using this mug tutorial from Living Well Spending Less!
  • Bananagrams game: If your family loves word games like Scrabble, then you'll love this fast-paced word-filled game! It's great for kids who know how to spell and want to test their knowledge. Find it here on Amazon!

Teatime Treats

  • Selection of tea: There's nothing better for a Poetry Teatime than some new types of tea (if your family likes tea, of course!). To spice up your regular teatime assortment, try this Twinnings or this Harrogate tea selection from Amazon.
  • Prepackaged mixes as gifts: While you can treat yourself to all sorts of special teatime goodies, it can be just as satisfying to give some tea-themed treats to others! Check out our examples of prepackaged gifts like hot cocoa here on Poetry Teatime.


  • Poetry Teatime Companion: Nothing beats a poetry book for truly enjoying the gift of language! And how could we resist recommending our very own selection of poems? You can find it here on our store!
  • A Poem for Every Day of the Year: We love the look and feel of this beautiful poetry collection. Even better, it's packed with poems, including one for every single day of the year! Find it here on Amazon.
  • Random House Book of Poetry for Children: One of our favorite poetry collections for kids is this wonderfully hilarious book collected by Jack Prelutsky. It's got old classics alongside lots of new poetry, and includes lots of illustrations. Find it here on Amazon.

There are lots more poetry-related gifts for you to find or give in the new year. Enjoy your holiday season and be sure to share some poetry with people you love!

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