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Poetry Prompt: Adventure

Poetry Prompt: Adventure

Have you ever gone on a long journey? Were you excited to see the sights along the way, or were you looking forward to arriving at your destination? In today’s poetry prompt, we’ll explore the idea of adventure—with a twist.

Today’s poetry prompt is inspired by the image above. Instead of writing about your own experiences, imagine the story of the kids in the picture. You’re going to write a poem about them!

Ask yourself some questions about the picture to get your ideas started. Who are the kids and where are they going? Why do they have such large backpacks? Why does one of them have a bouquet of flowers? Are they happy, sad, tired, nervous, excited, afraid, or joyful?

Once you’ve got a story, it’s time to write your poem! You can focus on just one character’s experience at the exact moment of the picture, or you can write about their whole trip. Get inside one of their heads and describe what they’re thinking, or stick to observing the world around them. Play around with the story until you’re happy with your poem!

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