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Poetry Prompt: Favorite Food

Poetry Prompt: Favorite Food

Today’s the day to celebrate the most yummy, delicious, amazing foods in your life. Grab some snacks and get ready for your taste buds to water with today’s poetry prompt!

Picture your favorite food in the whole world. This is the food that you want to eat all the time, that you miss if you haven’t had it in a while, that you’d be happy to eat every day for the rest of your life. Do you have a food in mind yet? Good.

If you can, make or buy that food and have it in front of you as you write. The more you’re able to see, smell, and taste your favorite food, the more vivid your description will be. If you can’t have the food in front of you, then find a few pictures of that food in a cookbook or on the Internet (although search with caution, as always).

Once you’ve refreshed your memory of your favorite food, write down as many details as you can about it. Don’t overthink this part. Just start listing details. For example, you can write about…

  • What the food feels like if you run your hands across it or through it
  • What the food smells like
  • What temperature the food is
  • Your favorite memory of eating that food
  • Your least favorite memory of eating that food
  • What a tiny nibble of the food tastes like
  • What the food takes like if you take a giant bite or gulp of it
  • What you know of how the food is made, or stories of when you’ve made it
  • Why you think the food is the best food ever

Now, listing these ideas out should give you some inspiration for details that you can include in your poem. But before you begin, take a look at that last question one more time. Why do you think the food is the best food ever? Pretend that the audience of your poem is someone who hates that food. You need to convince them to change their mind.

Having an audience in mind is a great way to focus your poem. By writing to someone who doesn’t like the food, you’ll have to think about which specific tastes, textures, and background stories would convince someone to love the food.

And that’s it! Happy writing and happy eating!

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