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Poetry Prompt: Holiday Traditions

Poetry Prompt: Holiday Traditions

As the holiday season hits full swing, you may be busy running around the house preparing for relatives to arrive, wrapping last-minute gifts, and trying to catch your breath in the busyness of life. Reading and writing poetry can give you a chance to slow down, breathe, and appreciate what you love most about the season. So let's think about poetry!

Whenever you sit down with a blank piece of paper and try to write, there are all sorts of topics you can choose: a hobby, someone you love, something you see in the room around you. But one of our favorite poetry prompts is something that means a lot to you.

When you write about something important to you, you're sharing a little piece of yourself with your readers! During the holiday season, most families have lots of traditions that mean something special to them. But how often do you pause and reflect on your own traditions, both sacred and silly?

For today's exercise, stop and think about some of your favorite traditions each year. Perhaps you always have cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast, or maybe there's a special candle you light at this time of year. Do you love exchanging gifts? Maybe cookie decorating is your favorite. Go ahead and think about all those wonderful and fun family traditions.

Once you have a tradition in mind, write a poem that captures what you love most about that tradition. Be sure to fill your poem with lots of sensory details about what your traditions smells or tastes like. That will make it come to life for your reader!

After you write your poem, take a few minutes think about the people who make that tradition special for you. Then, take some time to thank them for helping keep that tradition going each year. You can even give them a copy of your poem!

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