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Poetry Prompt: I Spy...

Poetry Prompt: I Spy...

Today’s poetry prompt is a game! Get your spyglasses ready and make sure your observation skills are sharp. Ready, set…“I Spy” a poem!

Look around the room and pick an object. Instead of playing “I Spy” out loud by asking questions, write what you observe as a poem. There’s a catch, though--you can’t use the name of the object anywhere in your poem! Instead, you’ll have to describe how it looks, feels, sounds, or smells.

Here’s a template to help you craft your “I Spy” poem.

I Spy…
Something that feels like _______________ [texture].
It looks _______ [color] as a _______________ [metaphor/simile],
And it sounds like __________________.
It’s got _______________ [description].
If you wanted to _________, you could _______________ [do something with the object].
What do I spy?

Once everyone has written a poem about their mystery object, have each person read their poem and try to guess what object they chose. See whose objects are the trickiest to guess!

To help you sharpen your observational skills, check out this post on sensory poetry from Poetry Teatime.

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