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Poetry Prompt: In Twenty Years...

Poetry Prompt: In Twenty Years...

What do you dream of doing in twenty years? Will you become the first person to set foot on Mars? Maybe you’ll invent flying cars. Or perhaps you’ll perfect the recipe for the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever created. Today, it’s time to dream some dreams and write some poetry!

Today’s poetry prompt will need a little bit of advance preparation. Get some paper and brainstorm a list of things you hope to do in the next twenty years. Have you always dreamed of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro? Biking across Italy? Writing a novel? Write those ideas down!

Then, choose one idea that really grabs you. Imagine how you’d feel once you accomplished that feat. Picture how excited you’ll be.

Write a poem based on that dream. Try starting with “Dear future me…” and then writing how you felt when you achieved that goal, and why it’s important to you.

Don’t focus too much on getting a rhythm or rhyme scheme just write. Instead, write a line and then move on to the next line when you have a new thought.

For more tips on writing free verse poetry, check out this post from Poetry Teatime. Enjoy dreaming!

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