Poetry Prompt: Leaf Creatures - Poetry Teatime
Poetry Prompt: Leaf Creatures

Poetry Prompt: Leaf Creatures

For today’s poetry prompt, let’s go for a walk! Put on some boots and a scarf. Breathe that fresh air. Be on the lookout for the prettiest fall leaves. We’ll be using those leaves to inspire our poetry!

Have you ever created a leaf creature? If you don’t know what a leaf creature is, take a look at the picture above. Now, let’s get ready to build some of your own. All you need are a piece of paper, a pen, tape, and some leaves.

First, it’s time to go for a walk and gather the most interesting, multicolored, wonky-shaped, or delicate leaves you can find. Whatever strikes you as most interesting, pick it up!

Once you’re at home, spread your collection out on the table along with paper and pens or pencils. Go ahead and tape the leaf onto the paper in whatever way you want.

Next, it’s time to create your leaf creature! What does the leaf remind you of?

  • Does it have a mouth, ears, and a nose?
  • Is it breathing fire like a dragon?
  • Can it fly with majestic wings like an eagle?
  • Maybe it looks like a creepy-crawly bug?

Use your imagination to draw arms, legs, wings, antennae, or whatever you want to create your own unique leaf creatures!

Then, once you’re done creating, it’s time to let these critters inspire your poem.

First, choose your form. Will you write a short nursery rhyme, a lullaby, or a long epic poem? Perhaps a flowing free verse poem, or maybe a solid concrete poem?

After you choose your form, imagine what your creatures would say. What’s their story? What do they love or hate? What’s the most important message they’d want the world to know?

Go ahead and give them a voice with your leaf creature poetry!

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