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Poetry Prompt: Poems from Space

Poetry Prompt: Poems from Space

Today’s poetry prompt will test the limits of your imagination and creativity. Your poem will be out of this world—literally! So let’s dive right in.

The theme for today’s poem is “outer space.” Now, hold up a minute before you start writing. There’s a twist to this prompt. For today’s prompt, you’re going to have to pretend that you’re writing in space!

Remember, in space, there isn’t any gravity. How can you write without gravity? Grab your paper and pencil and find a short table. You’ll need to tape the paper on the underside of the table, then write on the paper while it’s upside down. Just make sure you aren’t damaging any furniture. If you don’t have a convenient table to practice your astronaut writing skills, try using a large cardboard box instead. This is actually close to what it feels like for an astronaut to write in zero-gravity!

For another idea to practice your space-themed writing skills, print out this space shuttle-shaped template from Silky Steps. Write a poem in the shape of the space shuttle. Check out this post from Poetry Teatime on writing shape or concrete poetry!

So go ahead and start creating your space-themed poetry masterpieces!

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