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Poetry Prompt: Pumpkin Carving

Poetry Prompt: Pumpkin Carving

It's the time of year for apple-picking, corn mazes, and, of course, pumpkin carving! Why not put a poetic twist on your pumpkins this year?

All you'll need for today's poetry prompt is a pumpkin and some drawing utensils. You could use a real pumpkin and carve it or use permanent markers, but you can also cut out a pumpkin shape from a piece of construction paper!

Now, there are several ways to make your chosen pumpkin "poetic." Here are some ideas, but feel free to come up with your own twists!

  • Share a poem: Write out your favorite poem on the pumpkin. This is fantastic for a large pumpkin to display on your front porch where everyone can see it!
  • Use carvings as inspirations: Carve your pumpkin like you would any year, with your favorite designs like castles, cats, or swirling shapes. Then, use the designs to inspire your poetry. What stories can your pumpkin tell?
  • Original poetry: Look back at poems you've written over the past year or so, and pick one particular line that stands out to you. Maybe it's your favorite because it's so surprising or has a fantastic metaphor. Then, carve (or draw) that line on your pumpkin and celebrate what you've written!

Once you've created your pumpkin poetry, make sure to display them somewhere others can see. If you've created paper pumpkins, why hang them up in the front hallway or put them on your dining room table? Celebrate pumpkins and poetry this fall!

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