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Poetry Prompt: Sports Poetry

Poetry Prompt: Sports Poetry

Are you part of a team? Love running cross-country or playing baseball? Prefer to watch basketball or soccer from your couch? Or do you do both? Whatever your relationship is to sports, there's a sports-related poetry prompt for you!

Sports poems are fun to read and to write! For some inspiration and fun reading, check out this list of sports-themed poems for kids from Poets.org.

Now, let's dive into writing some sports poetry! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • The long-term poem: What's the longest you've worked and trained for something? How did you change over that time? Did you get better? Tell the story through a poem.
  • All about loss: Think about a time when you lost a game or made an important mistake. Then, release all these painful feelings through poetry! There's nothing more powerful than strong emotions to make a poem vivid and meaningful.
  • Your favorite sport: What's your favorite sport in all of the world? Write down all the facts you can think of about it. Feel free to research more if you want. Then, pick your favorite fact and write about that.
  • Poetry games: Get a cheap ball (from the dollar store) and use a permanent marker to write short prompts (famous athletes, team slogans, cheers, stats) around the ball. Toss it from person to person. Wherever your thumb lands, make up a rhyme on the spot based on the prompt!
  • Concrete sports: Remember concrete poetry, where the poem takes the shape of an object? Check out these concrete sports poetry prompts from Enchanted Learning and create your own sports-themed concrete poem.

And remember, if you've crafted a home run of a poem that you'd like to share, you can submit it here for a chance to be featured on Poetry Teatime! So go, play, and write!

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