Poetry Prompt: Stargazing - Poetry Teatime
Poetry Prompt: Stargazing

Poetry Prompt: Stargazing

It's summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, the perfect time of year to stay up late and stare up at the night sky! It's also a great time to create some stargazing stories and poems. So grab your telescopes and let's go!

For this poetry prompt, you'll need to wait until it's a clear night with a small or no moon. Stay up until it's fully dark outside.

Then, grab a notebook or some blank pieces of paper, along with a blanket or something to curl up on (plus plenty of bug spray!). If you have telescopes or binoculars, take those too. Find a spot outside and get set up.

Once you're settled, take some time to stare up at the sky. What can you see?

  • Are there any planes overhead? What about clouds? Any lightning bugs?
  • Next, focus on the stars. What's the brightest star in the sky? Can you spot any constellations?

Now it's time to create your own constellations. Connect the dots of stars and see if you can find any other shapes. Use the telescope, sketch out the shapes that you see, or just stare up at the sky!

Once you've spotted a couple of your own constellations, it's time to craft a story about the stars! How did those shapes end up as constellations? What's the story behind that seahorse or the crown?

Write down a picture or a note to remind yourself of the story before you go to sleep.

Then, the next day or later in the week, return to those stories. Think about what moment or scene catches your attention.

Poetry isn't always written in the moment—sometimes it's reflections from months or years later.

Take time to let the stories of the stars settle into your mind. Then, whenever you're ready, start to write.

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