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Poetry Prompt: Upside Down Poetry

Poetry Prompt: Upside Down Poetry

Today's poetry prompt involves looking at the world in a whole new way. Of course, that's what poets do every day, but today we're going to take that a few steps farther. So get ready to look at the world...upside down!

For today's poetry prompt, you'll need to go somewhere with a little room to move around. It can be a spot outdoors or a favorite room in the house.

Take a few minutes to look around the space and soak it in. Walk the perimeter. Do a few stretches and look over your shoulders and around.

Then, it's time to get upside down. If you're able to do a handstand, go for it! Be sure to do it a couple of times and look around at what you see while you do. If you can't do a handstand, go for some upside-down yoga poses. Try a downward-facing dog where you're looking between your legs, or try looking around while doing push-ups or sit-ups.

Now that you've seen the world from a few different angles, it's time for a more relaxed approach. Grab your notebook and lie down, then look up. Spend some time just looking up at the ceiling or sky and seeing how the world looks from the ground.

Once you're feeling relaxed, try writing while you're still looking up, holding your paper above you. Sometimes, changing the way that you write can bring new ideas and add a new bit of fun to the process!

If it's not working for you to write "upside down," then try another pose. Bring your paper super close to your nose and write (though make sure you're peeking at the outside world, too!). Climb a tree and write from up high (stay safe!).

Keep taking breaks to stretch and look again at what you see. Change your eye level from the grass on the ground to the birds in the sky.

Soon enough, you'll be looking at the whole world in a new way!

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