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Poetry Prompt: Wacky Weather

Poetry Prompt: Wacky Weather

Weather is a huge part of our lives. Is it sunny outside? Time to go out and play! Is it a rainy day? Curl up inside with a good book. Weather can make us happy, sad, excited, scared, or even mad. Today, though, the weather is in your hands! In today’s poetry prompt, you’ll be writing a poem about the wildest weather you can imagine.

Have you ever been stuck out in the rain and wished it would turn into something much less wet—a shower of flower petals, or maybe some rainbow-colored specks of light? Wouldn’t it be amazing if it actually rained cats and dogs? Or what if it snowed cotton candy? It’s time to put your thinking cap on, because you’re about to dream up some wild weather.

If you already have an idea for wacky weather you want to experiment with, go ahead and get writing! Otherwise, brainstorm a bunch of wild weather ideas and pick your favorite to write a poem about. Maybe a windy day makes everyone float up a foot into the air. Perhaps sunset doesn’t just look golden and pretty, but it also sounds like an opera singer performing her final aria. Go crazy and imagine the possibilities!

When you’ve got an idea that you want to play with, go ahead and start writing your poem. Remember to begin a new line of your poem whenever you’ve finished a phrase or when you want to give your words a surprise twist. Your lines can be as long or as short as you want.

You can also experiment with concrete poetry, where your poem takes the shape of what you’re writing about. Maybe your poem looks like rain falling down the page or forms the shape of a snowflake crystal. Check out this post on Poetry Teatime for more inspiration!

That’s all for today, folks. Enjoy the wacky weather!

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