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Tea for Colds

Tea for Colds

It’s currently cold season, when sniffles and runny noses abound! Grab your tissue box and set some water to boil for today’s teatime featuring all sorts of teas and snacks to help you feel better.

Let’s start with some simple, fuss-free snacks for when the family just isn’t feeling well.

  • Bananas or applesauce: Fruit is great paired with teatime, and what’s even better, these soothing foods are incredibly simple to serve with your tea. Let the kids cut their bananas if they want slices, or just eat them whole, and serve up applesauce in a bowl topped with some cinnamon for a stomach-soothing classic.

  • Saltines and plain crackers: Other times of the year, you might dress these up with cheese and some grapes on the side, but when you’re feeling sick, stick to the basics for both simplicity and relief.

  • Frozen yoghurt: Now this is an unusual one for a teatime, but it makes for a good light snack that’s got plenty of healing properties packed in. Look for a brand that doesn’t have artificial sweeteners, as that will irritate sickness. Instead, add your own fruits for natural goodness.

Tea is actually a wonderful drink for when you’re feeling sick. Different types of teas have all sorts of natural medicinal properties. Here are some of the most soothing teas for colds and illness.

  • Peppermint and honey: Make peppermint tea from a teabag or from fresh mint, and add a small spoonful of honey. This is a classic tea combination that works wonders on sore throats. Just make sure you serve it lukewarm, not piping hot!

  • Cinnamon sore throat tea: Check out this simple tea from Life Currents. Just mix milk, cinnamon, ginger, and honey to get a warm and soothing drink. You can make it on the stove or, for simplicity, just heat up the ingredients in the microwave!

  • Winter cold “miracle tea”: This recipe requires a bit of prep--you’ll need to chop up a whole lemon and a large piece of ginger and then soak them in a cup of honey overnight. The mixture will keep for a while in the fridge, though, and you can grab a spoonful and mix it into hot water any time you need it. Check out the recipe from Somerset Lane.

  • Herbal tea: Check your cupboard for some herbal teas and drink up! Herbal teas have lots of health benefits. Check out this list of 15 herbal teas and their health benefits from Lucy Freeland at The Culture Trip.

  • Tumeric tea: A hint of spiciness is sometimes just what your body needs. Check out this simple tumeric tea recipe from Wellness Mama.

Feel better, everyone, and enjoy your teatime this week!

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