Teatime Story: Fairy Lights - Poetry Teatime
Teatime Story: Fairy Lights

Teatime Story: Fairy Lights

Today's teatime story features fairies, moonlight, and the perfect atmosphere for a summer teatime!

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Brave Writer mom Candace writes:

We are having our Poetry Teatime in the vineyard tonight by the full moon's light. Come along and join us if you like!

The little fairies decided to join us. My daughter, dressed up as a fairy, was so excited. We danced and we laughed and had so much fun.

We read a few poems and books. My daughter educated me on the planets while I listened. We spotted Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.

We served full moon and star cookies as well as chamomile tea. We drank our tea in teacups big and small. Our dog even decided to join in the fun!

What a magical night.

To host your own fairy light teatime, you'll need:

  • Some twinkle lights (also known as fairy lights in the UK)
  • Fairy wings (make them out of cardboard and paper!)
  • Poetry about fairies (like Edgar Allan Poe's Fairy-Land or Laura Ingalls Wilder's Fairy Poems)
  • Evening and outdoor atmosphere, if you can!

Let us know if you have your own magical teatime filled with fireflies and fairies by sharing your story with us!

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