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Teatime Story: Poetry Goodbye Party

Teatime Story: Poetry Goodbye Party

We love hearing your stories of the ways that poetry brings families together. However, it can be just as special to use poetry to say goodbye. Today's teatime story features a group of families who threw a Poetry Teatime goodbye party!

A Brave Writer mom writes:

Our dear friend Angela was leaving Dubai to go to New Zealand. What better way to send her off than to have a Poetry Teatime dedicated to her?

We chose friendship poems and wrote our own verses about how she and her two children touched all our lives.

Poetry expressed the love and friendship we felt in the best possible way.

Take a look at all the fun they had during their teatime on the beach in the pictures below!

You can read kid-friendly friendship poems at Poets.org.

Whether you're saying hello or goodbye, poetry is the perfect way to celebrate friendship. Be sure to share your Poetry Teatime stories with us here!

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