Master List: Themed Teatimes - Poetry Teatime
Master List: Themed Teatimes

Master List: Themed Teatimes

Have you ever wanted to try a themed teatime, but you aren't sure which one would be a good fit for your family? This master list includes all of our themed Poetry Teatimes, perfect for the whole year! From Winnie-the-Pooh to pirates, there's a teatime to please everyone. So let's dive in!

Be sure to save this page, as we'll keep updating this list regularly with new Poetry Teatimes for your family to try.

Holiday and Seasonal Teatimes

Valentine's Day Teatime

St. Patrick's Day Teatime

March 14 Pi Day Teatime

Summer Teatime

Autumn Teatime

October Teatime

Spooky Teatime

Remembrance & Veterans Day (November) Teatime

Winter Teatime

Winter Olympics Teatime

Teatime Around the World

Happy Lunar New Year!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month

Japanese Teatime

Black History Month: Martin Luther King, Jr., Maya Angelou, and Langston Hughes

Author and Book Teatimes

Fairy Tales Teatime

Hobbit Teatime

Roald Dahl Teatime

Lewis Carroll Teatime

Shakespeare Teatime

Winnie-the-Pooh Teatime

Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit Teatime

Edgar Allan Poe-try Teatime

The Fantastic & Fascinating

Espionage Teatime

Art Teatime

Superhero Teatime

Pirates Teatime

Time Travel Teatime

Dragon Teatime

Monster Teatime

Archaeology Teatime

Movie Teatime

Music Teatime

Teatime in Nature

Science Teatime

Snow Teatime

Bug Teatime

Environmental Teatime

Underwater Teatime

Astronomy Teatime

Camping Teatime

Other Teatimes

Mindfulness Teatime

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