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7 Treats Made with Cookie Cutters

7 Treats Made with Cookie Cutters

Here's a super way to make Poetry Teatime treats extra special: use a shaped cookie cutter! Check out these 7 fun ideas.

7 Cookie Cutter Treats

1. Toast with Jam

Pictured above, just cut out a shape in the bread then top with butter and jam or honey or whatever spread your kids find yummy. You can toast the bread first if you'd like. And here's a heart-shaped cookie cutter set (affiliate link) that includes multiple sizes up to 4 inches wide. 

2. S'mores Cut Outs

Add a fun twist by cutting out shapes on the graham crackers! Find the easy instructions at Cute Food for Kids.

3. Imprinted Sandwiches

Press the blunt side of the cookie cutter into bread, toast it then fill with favorite sandwich fixings (here's an example).

4. Shaped Fruit

Create a fruit salad and cut out shapes in melons. Here's a cute set of mini fruit-shaped cutters (affiliate link).

5. Frozen Whipped Cream

Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet and use a cookie cutter to cut out hearts or other shapes. Add to hot cocoa! Find out more on 365 Days.

6. Hearts in an Apple 

Check out this awesome recipe at Happy Together. Make the full sandwich or if you're in a rush just use the apples with cutouts.

7. Buttermilk Beignets

If you want to go all out then make these buttermilk beignets or "fritters" as the English refer to them (note: the recipe calls for peanut oil) and use cookie cutters as suggested.

There are many others ways to use cookie cutters (like cutout brownies). Be creative!

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