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City Animals: Marilyn Singer's New Book

City Animals: Marilyn Singer's New Book

When you think of city animals, you might picture mice, rats, and pigeons. But did you know that you could meet wild monkeys, wild boar, bats, and butterflies in cities around the world? Marilyn Singer’s soon-to-be-released book, Wild in the Streets, celebrates twenty of these wild and wonderful city creatures!

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In her upcoming book, Wild in the Streets: 20 Poems of City Animals (to be released on September 17, 2019), Marilyn Singer highlights all sorts of city critters and the places that they call home. From tiny gardens to skyscrapers, city animals are a resourceful bunch who make the most of the space they have!

In celebration of this, let's try some treats and play some city animal games!

  • Habitat Hop: Life in the city is all about adapting to your circumstances. For this game, each person will need a bowl of snacks, a bowl of water, and a blanket. Pick a spot to set up your "nest." Then, someone yells "Habitat hop!" Everyone needs to take all three things to a different part of the room or yard (without spilling anything). The first person to get set up in their new "habitat" wins the round.
  • Guessing game: Some wild animals that live in cities may surprise you. Check out this crazy list of city animals from Getaway. Have everyone take turns guessing what surprising animals can be found on the list. Hint: some of them have already been mentioned above!
  • Scavenger food: City animals can't be picky about their food. Stop by the grocery store and find the weirdest-looking vegetables that you can. Serve them whole (for best effect) during your snack time!

While you wait for her new book to be released, you can find out more about Marilyn Singer by checking out our interview with her and this Poetry Teatime featuring several of Singer’s books.

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