Kid-Friendly Hot Drinks - Poetry Teatime
Kid-Friendly Hot Drinks

Kid-Friendly Hot Drinks

With a name like “Poetry Teatime,” you’d think tea was an essential ingredient to the celebration. Whether your family loves tea or avoids it at all costs, there are so many other options for a special “teatime” drink! Check out our list of kid-friendly hot drinks to tempt your tastebuds and keep you cozy during the cold months of the year.

Today’s menu features some quick and easy alternatives to tea as well as a few elaborate and tasty additions to your family’s teatime. Whether you’re looking to switch up your routine, provide a sweet substitute for baked goods, or add more fruit to your menu, there’s a recipe here for you.

Without further ado, here are the drinks!

  • White hot chocolate: Hot chocolate may be a cold-weather classic, but have you ever tried white hot chocolate? It’s the perfect drink to match the first frost outside, and it’s also surprisingly simple to prepare. Try this recipe from Gimme Some Oven and see for yourself!
  • Hot spiced lemonade: A twist on the summer classic, this drink will heat you up just in time for winter. Add ginger for an extra wellness kick or combine with apple juice for more sweetness. Get the recipe here from Dinner with Julie.
  • Kid-friendly wassail: If you know anything about this Medieval feast drink, you know it’s not exactly alcohol free. Although it may not be historically accurate, this recipe from Babble will give your home just the right amount of Medieval atmosphere.
  • Hot vanilla milk: Just a few ingredients can transform an ordinary cup of milk into a special teatime experience. This simple classic can be spiced up or served in the classic traditional way. Find out how here on Butter with a Side of Bread.
  • Butterbeer: This take on a hot butterscotch drink is inspired by the Harry Potter series. It’s a non-alcoholic treat that’s fizzy and warm, almost like magic! But be warned: it’s very, very sweet. Find the recipe here from The TipToe Fairy.
  • Dairy-free hot chocolate: If your family is lactose intolerant or just wants a break from recipes with milk and cream, you need to check out this recipe from the Minimalist Baker for an alternative hot chocolate using almond milk. You can also make a dairy-free hot chocolate mix here from Living Well Mom using coconut milk powder.
  • Caramel apple cider: There’s nothing that tastes more like fall than a steaming mug of hot apple cider. Add a caramel twist to the classic using this recipe from Tatertots & Jello or go for a tried-and-true simple apple cider with these directions from Lexi Michelle Blog.
  • Pumpkin spice drink: While the popular Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is packed with caffeine, you can get a similar flavor and a more kid-friendly drink with these steps from Five Heart Home. Even better, it only has one tablespoon of sugar!

Be sure to check out this Poetry Teatime post on premade mixes to make your teatime easier. Happy sipping!

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