Master List: Poetry Prompts - Poetry Teatime
Master List: Poetry Prompts

Master List: Poetry Prompts

Looking to write a poem but not sure what to write about? Want choose some prompts to go along with your next Poetry Teatime? Whatever your writing needs may be, we've got you covered with this master list of all of our poetry prompts!

Within these prompts, you'll find games and riddles, new poetic styles to stretch your muscles, and lots of ideas to spark new poems for every season.

Before we begin, check out our guides on How to Write a Poem, How to Revise Your Poetry, and Publishing Your Poetry.

Seasonal Prompts

Spring Concrete Poetry

Plant a Poem

Poetry Egg Hunt

Create a Holiday

Summer Camp

Leaf Creatures

The Word "Cozy"

Giving Thanks

Pumpkin Carving

Holiday Traditions


Poems as Gifts

New Year Poetry Goals

Wondrous and Strange


All About Ruins

Animal Personality

Fairy Tale Characters


Poems from Space


Try a Poetic Style or Technique

Again and Again: Repetition!

Beginning a Poem

Cinquain Poetry

Create Your Own Patterns

Dramatic Monologue

Found Poem

Found//Fount Sonnets from Singapore

I Spy...

Macro Poetry

Metaphor & Simile

Musical Inspiration

Nonsense Poem


Sidewalk Chalk Poetry

Start at the End

Upside Down Poetry

Writing a Collection

All About Nature



Nature's Recipe


Wacky Weather

Why Do Leaves Fall? And Other Big Questions

At Home

Family Traditions

Favorite Food

If Your Pets Could Talk

Recipe Poem

There's No Place Like Home

Your Pet's View

Me, Myself, and I

Change the World

In Twenty Years...

Letter to Yourself

Ode to Sickness

Personality Quiz

Sports Poetry

...And More!

Mystery Image

Top 10 Poetry Writing Prompts

Poetry Prompts Master List

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