Our Staff - Poetry Teatime

Julie Bogart (Owner)

Julie is the founder of Brave Writer, The Homeschool Alliance, and Poetry Teatime. She grew up in sunny California (home of the UCLA Bruins!) and now lives in The City of Seven Hills (home of the Cincinnati Bengals!). She studied abroad in France, spent a summer in Democratic Republic of Congo, lived in Morocco for four years, and earned her Master's in theology from Xavier University in 2007. She homeschooled her five kids for 17 years and now enjoys traveling to see them wherever they are, be it New York, Thailand, or Peru. One of her favorite poets is Jane Kenyon, and one of her favorite tea brands is PG Tips. Julie has encouraged families to combine poetry and tea for over 15 years. She calls it "the gateway drug to a language-rich home."

Jeannette Hall (Administrator)

Frequent wearer of hats, regular watcher of Audrey Hepburn movies, and intermittent eater of white chocolate truffles, Jeannette is both mom and friend to her four grown kids, all homeschooled. Home education led her into her chief passion as an adult: the arts! She enjoys many different types of poetry, and a beloved poem is Emily Dickinson’s, “I died for beauty, but was scarce.” Besides overseeing all things Poetry Teatime, Jeannette is also the Social Media and Marketing Administrator for Brave Writer. She works in her pajamas most days.

Kyriana Lynch (Staff Writer)

Kyriana has been a Brave Writer alumnus since the tender age of ten. She’s also a world traveler who was raised on three continents and loves cooking any Japanese food you can name. She received her masters from the University of Edinburgh, where she researched obscure 18th-century predecessors of Jane Austen (Belinda by Maria Edgeworth, a homeschooler--check it out). Kyriana's favorite type of tea is Lady Grey (like Earl Grey, but with a hint of orange), and her favorite poems to mutter to herself while walking are Elizabeth Bishop's "One Art" and Robert Frost's "Birches." Kyriana is also known to collect pebbles, decorate with rusty keys, and write poetry on post-it notes.

Tia Levings (Marketing Coordinator)

Tia’s passion is to make Big Hairy Audacious Goals into plans and then accomplishments. This means she loves to engineer success, try new things, and plan on fun. She homeschooled four redheaded artists who all think outside the box and live out loud. Tia devotedly tinkers on writing novels and screenplays the way an old man polishes the collectible car he’s building from a kit in his garage. Someday we’ll turn the key and take it for a drive. The fastest way to her heart is to commune over good food and good words and she’s noticed a steep rise in her intake of tea since the creation of PoetryTeatime.com. She hopes you do, as well.