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All About Scones

All About Scones

Besides tea itself, the most essential ingredient of a British or Irish teatime is the scone. Ever since the Duchess of Belford paired tea with scones in the 1800s, the combination has been a legendary tradition across the British Isles. So get ready for some scones and tea!

If you've never had scones before, then you're in for a treat! Sample the recipes below to find sweet, savory, and gluten-free options for teatime.

The Simple Scone

Here are some simple scone recipes to get started.

  • Basic Scone Recipe from An Invitation to Tea by Emilie Barnes (affiliate link): We at Brave Writer love this simple scone recipe, and Emilie Barnes' book also includes lots of tidbits about the history and practice of serving tea!
  • Mary Berry's Scones from the BBC: If you can't resist watching the Great British Bake-Off, these are the scones for you. See if your scones would pass inspection from the great Mary herself!
  • Gluten-Free Scones from King Arthur Flour: These gluten-free scones have an astonishing number of positive reviews, and some people say these are their favorite gluten-free recipe of all time!
  • Homemade clotted cream from the View from Great Island: Traditional British scones are served with jam and clotted cream. If you're willing to do a bit of extra work, you can create your own clotted cream at home!

Sweet and Savory Twists

If you're looking for a scone with some added pizzaz, check out these sweet and savory variations.

  • Scottish Cheddar Scones from Tinned Tomatoes: Although cheddar scones are usually served with a meal, they make for an incredible treat any time of day.
  • Brown Butter Maple Scones from I Heart Recipes: This may not be a traditional scone recipe, but the sweetness is perfect for an autumn snack.
  • Glazed Orange Scones from the Recipe Critic: There's something about the bright, fresh tase of oranges that pairs beautifully with a fresh-baked scone.
  • Apple Scones from the Kitchen Magpie: A classic sweet treat, these apple-filled scones are easy to make and enjoy during your teatime!

Teacakes, Welsh Cakes, and More

Besides scones, a few other classic baked goods are part of a traditional British teatime. If you've already whipped up many a scone, try these other options!

  • English Teacakes from The English Kitchen: If you've never had an English teacake, you need to sample this delicious fruit-filled recipe!
  • Welsh Cakes from Great British Chefs: These flat scones cooked on a griddle are perfect for the Welsh holiday St. David's Day in March or any day of the year!
  • Gluten-Free Welsh Cakes from Natural Kitchen Adventures: These cakes' unique texture make them perfect for a gluten-free treat.
  • Crumpets from the Spruce Eats: A little bit like an English muffin in the US, this holey teatime treat soaks in butter and jam perfectly.

We hope you enjoy all the possibilities of fresh-baked scones, teacakes, and more during your teatime! Make sure to share your teatime stories with us.

All About Scones

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