Ancient Greek Teatime Story - Poetry Teatime
Ancient Greek Teatime Story

Ancient Greek Teatime Story

We love seeing your Poetry Teatime success stories! Today's story comes from a mom who combined poetry with Ancient Greek. Read on for inspiration!

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Brave Writer mom writes...

We enjoyed an Ancient Greece inspired poetry teatime to finish up our history unit. This turned out to be my favorite one yet!

My boys thundered down the stairs squealing excitedly that it was poetry teatime, the grabbed their chosen poetry book, & competed for who would read next!

Poetry Teatime has become our favorite homeschool time!

Here's how their family set up their teatime (see the picture below).

  • Food
    • Grapes (common in Ancient Greece) along with apples, carrots, and nuts
    • You could also offer chips or pita bread and hummus, which are traditional Greek foods
  • Decorations
    • Painted Greek vase: Nothing says Ancient Greece like an old Greek vase! You can create your own using these instructions from Art Lessons for Kids.
    • Minotaur head mask: This fearsome object would definitely add some atmosphere to your teatime! See the mask in the image below, made with colored paper, glue, tape, and black streamers. You can use this template from Mask Spot as a guide.

Books & Resources

Want to enjoy your own Ancient Greek Poetry Teatime? Here are some books and resources for you to use.

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