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Charles Ghigna's Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer

Charles Ghigna's Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer

Here at Poetry Teatime, we love Charles Ghigna. Also known as "Father Goose," he's written poetry about funky animals, protecting the environment, and even fun seasonal math! Today, we're celebrating his brand new book, Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer.

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If you aren't familiar with Charles Ghigna, be sure to check out our Poet Interview with him. Did you know that he's written over 5,000 poems and counting? He also lives in a treehouse in Alabama.

Now, let's dive into Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer.

This short book on writing poetry is not like any other advice manual or poetry guidebook you've ever read.

It's written as a series of very short poems. Each poem is packed with wisdom to reflect on, read, and re-read time and time again.

Dear Poet is perfect for younger audiences who don't want to sit through an entire chapter book about poetry, or for anyone who likes fantastic advice in small doses of poetry.

Let's take a look at one of his beautiful sections:


A poem
is a firefly
upon the summer wind.

Instead of shining
where she goes,
she lights up where she's been.

Are you wondering why Ghigna uses poetry to teach how to write poetry? According to our interview, he thinks we don't need a step-by-step guide on how to write. What we need most is to read poetry and, most importantly, sit down and write it.

If you're ready to write, don't miss out on this lovely book! You can find out more about Charles Ghigna by visiting his website.

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