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Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry

Make magnetic poetry! Creating poems using words on magnets is a low pressure way to explore poetry. Rearranging words on your refrigerator doesn't feel nearly as daunting as committing them to paper. It's also super easy to try new combinations!

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Here are three ways to create poetry using magnetic words.

Use magnets you already have

Only use magnets with words, the fewer words the better. Move the magnets around and make the poem into any shape you want. 

Purchase a magnetic poetry kit 

Buying a magnetic word kit is another option. Here are some examples:

Little Box of Happiness 

Kid Genius

Geek Magnetic Poetry

Shakespeare Kit (our personal favorite!)

Make your own magnets

Grab some magazines, newspapers, or even junk mail. Cut out the words you want then glue them onto magnets. 

Supplies needed

Also, for a virtual experience try this online magnetic poetry website for inspiration!

Images by Juhan Sonin (cc)

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