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Poetry Prompt: Superheroes

Poetry Prompt: Superheroes

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Flying at the speed of light? The ability to change colors with your mood? Controlling the weather? Check out today’s poetry prompt for ways to channel that special power into a poem!

Let’s start by dreaming of your superpower. Think long and hard about what you’d want to be able to do or see or control. You could morph into a bunny, fly like a kite, or drink enough water to empty the ocean. The only limit is your imagination! Be sure to write down that power.

Then, think about the downsides to that power. Maybe you can make your favorite food appear in front of you at any time, but when you’re hungry, your stomach makes an alarm clock sound. Or perhaps you can speak to squirrels, but they really aren’t very interesting conversationalists.

Once you’ve got your ideas set, it’s time to dive into writing the poem. If you’ve got inspiration and you’re ready to go, then grab a pencil and paper and get started! Otherwise, try out the template below for an idea to begin your poem. Keep adding on descriptions or things that don’t quite go according to plan!


If I were a superhero,
I’d definitely _________ (power).
I’d _______ (action verb)  __________ (place/description),
But I might ____________ (drawback to the superpower).


If I were a superhero,
I’d definitely fly.
I’d zoom around the planet Earth
...but I might be scared of heights.

That’s it for today! Brush up those superhero powers and get started writing your poems!

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