Teatime Leftovers: Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle - Poetry Teatime
Teatime Leftovers: Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

Teatime Leftovers: Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

So you’ve had your teatime for the week. You’ve sipped tea, enjoyed some poems, and all you have left are a few crumbs and a lot of soggy teabags. What next? Before you throw out the mess, check out this post for some creative ways you can use your teatime leftovers!

Use your teabags

Ideas for repurposing teabags abound across the internet, but here are some of our favorites.

  • Paint with tea: This is especially fun if you’ve got several types of used teabags for comparison. Try cranberry or a dark fruit tea next to a breakfast tea. You can also use breakfast teas to stain pieces of paper and give them an “aging parchment” look. For some inspiration, check out this post from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

  • Fertilize a garden: Once you have a sizeable collection of tea bags, you can send them out to the garden for an extra boost of fertilization. Follow these tips from Balcony Garden Web for more ways to use tea in your garden.

  • Medicinal purposes: Certain types of tea can soothe sunburns and relax facial muscles. If you have leftover green tea, for example, try setting the tea bag on your eyes when you’re feeling tense and stressed. Check out this and more medicinal uses for tea from Reader’s Digest.

  • Cleaning supplies: Use tea bags to clean mirrors and glass objects by rubbing a damp tea bag over the surface and drying with a cloth. Tea bags and also smooth out discoloration on old wood furniture. Try the many ideas on the Spruce for using tea to clean your home.

Craft with Paper Waste

  • Tea wrapper wreath: Create a festive tea-themed holiday wreath with the square wrappers that held your tea bags. Follow these directions and photos from Kojodesigns.

  • Milk carton art: If your milk comes in a carton, why not try one of these exciting crafts, from painted lanterns to bird feeders, all from Red Ted Art.

Other Leftover Tips

  • Freeze milk and cream: follow these directions from Lindsay Ann Bakes to reuse your supply of milk and tea left over from your teatime

  • Make tea from food scraps: Ready to experiment with the types of tea you drink? Follow these steps from Saveur to save your scraps of fruit and bits of spices to make your own unique herbal tea blends!

These ideas are just the start for all of the creative ways you can repurpose supplies and leftovers from your teatime. Once you get started, you’ll see more uses for everyday items all over the place. So go ahead and try one of these ideas for repurposing teatime supplies after your teatime this week!

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