Teatime Manners - Poetry Teatime
Teatime Manners

Teatime Manners

Today's Teatime Story features the delightful tale of a family's very first teatime, and their daughter's cute summary of teatime manners!

Brave Writer mom Marisa writes:

We did our first Poetry Teatime this Tuesday! My kindergartener and preschooler loved it so much.

"When can we do this again?" my five-year-old asked.

"How about next Tuesday?"

Her eyes lit up.

We are so excited for this new tradition!

Their family also came up with some guidelines for teatime manners. According to their five-year-old, during teatime...

  • "You don't lean on the table."
  • "Also when you burp you have to say excuse me."
  • "When you get one of those [treats], say, 'Could you please pass the biscuit?'"

So that's how you use your manners at teatime!

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